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 October 11, 2019

They're not crying Wolf in Holland, Texas!

to Swim TexSun:

We love our Swim TexSun Kayak pool. They did an amazing job with  installation and maintaining the pool is exactly as promised - very  easy.  The installer has responded quickly every time I’ve had  questions.

We’ve had hours of swimming pleasure with family & grandchildren!

I have a neighbor that went with a different company and they’ve had  nothing but problems & broken promises. They wish they had purchased  a pool from a reputable Texas company ☹ 

We love our Swim TexSun Kayak pool!

October 6, 2019


A SwimTexsun Pool changed the Wo in Womak to Wow-Mak! 😎

Dear SwimTexSun,

We wanted to let you know how much we absolutely love our new Kayak pool. The entire process was all first class.  We met with Bob and decided on the size and a deep end. We had some  delays of tree cutting, taking down an old rock barn, and hydroseeding  bare ground. 

Paul stayed in touch with us on our progress. Once  Paul and his crew arrived the process went smoothly. I don’t think we  could have had a better group working on the pool. Paul was very patient  with all our questions. 

Once we were able to get in my husband  told me this was the first time, he had been in a pool in 50 years and  the deep end was perfect for his 6 6’ height. 

The pool just adds to the beauty of our house and we are so grateful!

Thank you,
Gary and Gena

September 12, 2019


I  just wanted to say what a awesome and smooth experience we had with  Swim Texsun from the initial communication, the presentation and  purchase, to the  installation of our Kayak Pool.

The  staff in the office Patty and Steve were great communicators and Bob  did an excellent job with the presentation of information about Kayak  pools.


Paul and Josh  and staff worked hard in  the Texas heat to get us up and going with our 16 x 24 pool. They were  professional and very informative with the upkeep of the pool, best use  of equipment and answering our questions. 

We  are excited about being a part of the Swim Texsun family and looking  forward to many years of fun in our new pool. The view from our pool  deck is so beautiful here in the country!


Lee and Audi 

Forestburg, Tx

August 14, 2019

Dear Swim TexSun Pools,

Thank you all for our awesome Kayak pool! The entire process was first class. From the initial phone call with Patty – she was very nice and extremely helpful. To our visit with salesman Bob – he was not pushy at all. His knowledge of the construction and maintenance of the pool was phenomenal. He’s a pleasure to talk to – no pressure at all. Great advice on the do’s and don’ts. 

And finally, least but not last the installation with Paul and his helper. The installation was smooth and very efficient despite the extreme heat. They were very friendly and helpful.

Our overall review of our pool – it’s amazing! There is minimal maintenance required to keep it clean and inviting. We look forward to many years of fun in the sun.

Thank you all so very much. Mike & Linda

Castell, Texas in the heart of the Hill Country


To Whom it may concern:

We are the  recent recipients of a new Kayak pool. We wanted to write you this letter to let you know we are pleased thus far with the build and use of the pool. Our salesman Bob was upfront with all the costs and helped us move towards the decision that we made in choosing the right pool.

Bob kept in contact with us and coordinated all the backend activities for the build. Since we had scheduled a vacation during this time, Bob worked with his team to get the pool installed more quickly, so we would have some time with it before we left. 

Our installe Paul and his crew were able to complete the project in just a few days without any issues. Since that time, Paul has been very helpful inaddressing our additional questions or concerns such as cleaning and others. We did have a section of the liner pop out and Paul was quick to respond to us and fix it.

Overall, we're pleased with the pool and wished we had done this years ago! Thank you for a fine product and a great experience.

The Marcantonio Family


July 14, 2019

Dear Swim TEXSUN,

Just wanted you to know how happy we are with our new Kayak pool. We live up on a rocky hill in north central Texas where the view is lovely but there are few trees and the temperatures in the summer get hot! Yes, it is Texas, so heat is to be expected but with our pool, we can do the yard work, gardening and play and then cool off in our pool!

The salesman was very pleasant, (not at all pushy) and made some great recommendations regarding layout and landscaping. Within the week after signing up, the installers were here to clear and level the area. Our soil is extremely rocky and quite hard when dry, but within a couple of hours they had cleared a level area free of rocks, grass, weeds and debris. We had previously scheduled a vacation for the following week and when we returned, so did the installation team. The installation was complete by Tuesday and by mid-day Wednesday we were swimming!

It has been a pleasure to have our Kayak pool and working with the Swim TEXSUN team was a great experience!

Maureen and John

New Fairview

June 17, 2019

 I feel so blessed with our pool!  We had a party for the youth in our  church on Saturday and it was awesome!  Sunday morning before church, I  went out to the pool and said prayers of thanks to God for making all  this happen.  God bless all of the SwimTexSun people that helped too!   Thank you so much!

Pool Girl Judy 


April 22, 2019

To Whom It May Concern:

We wanted to share our satisfaction that we have had to date with our new Kayak Pool via Swim TexSun. The representative, Bob, was wonderful with providing details and showing us the quality of pool the Kayak provides without being pushy! The installer, Paul, and his team of hard workers did an amazing job! They were quick, efficient, and friendly. Paul was very knowledgeable when he took his time finishing the paperwork with us after installation. Patty has been a wonderful pooint of contact  and answers our questions efficienly! Our pool was installed on 4/12/19 and we cannot wait to use it for many years to come!

The Noble familiy in Liberty Hill

January 26, 2019

My husband and I purchased our Kayak  pool in October 2018 and had it installed in late November. Although not  swim season, choosing to buy it at that time provided several benefits  for us. We were able to take advantage of some extra savings due to the  off season.  We could also schedule the install at a time that was  convenient for us, and not have to try and work it in to a booked or  already busy time. Also, since it was too chilly to swim, we didn't have  to sacrifice any swim days waiting for the pool to fill up. 

Another  advantage is that during certain times during the year you need to  winterize your pool. You will also need to have the opportunity to  understand how to take care of your pool properly. We had ample time to  ask questions and the installer was really helpful. By the time warm  weather in the spring arrives, we will be all set to "hit the water  splashing"!

Don't get me wrong.... it is not easy to wait! The  water is so beautiful with the gorgeous blue liner. The strong, sturdy  deck is inviting to just sit and relax. I am anxiously awaiting the  stores to start stocking swimming supplies (noodles, towels, goggles) so  I can be set with all we need for the grand kids to jump in and have a  grand time!

We were quite pleased with the Swim TexSun staff  during the sales and install portion of our experience. Bob came to our  home and gave us a very honest and informative presentation about the  construction and care of Kayak Pools. There was no pressure, the pool  really sells itself! 

The install team of Paul and Josh were  absolutely excellent!!!. These are really nice guys who just work hard,  love what they do, are extremely knowledgeable; they want to help you  all they can. Our questions were all answered and our calls are still  responded to when anything comes up that we are not sure of.

Stay  tuned for an update later on after we've had the opportunity to get in,  splash around, and have some fun. If you are in our area, come by and  have a look! Bring your suit too!.

Thank you for our Kayak Pool!

The Hinton Family in Mountain Home, Texas

 October 29, 2018

RE: Kayak Pool

We are so excited  to have a pool and enjoy the days at our new pool. Our grandkids have  enjoyed a couple of swims before the colder weather moved in. It is the  perfect size for our small family! Having the fence and locked gate  assures us that our grand-kids can't get in without us. 

Maintenance  so far has been easy. It has rained for most of the time so we haven't  had a chance to go full force with chemicals and get the PH balance  correct. 

We are very pleased with the pool, the salesman, and the installers. Everyone was respectful and helpful. 

Thank you for helping us fulfill our expectations for a pool to enjoy for many years to come!

Brenda and Terry
Bullard, Texas

August 8, 2018

Rick and I are very pleased with our pool  and everyone involved in the purchase and installation.  Bob was so  helpful in deciding which pool to purchase.  

We decided to go  with the 16 x 24 as we had a 14 x 24 at our previous home and wanted  something equal or bigger.  Bob was very knowledgeable about the  construction of the pool and helpful hints for winterizing.

The  installation crew were outstanding,  Tom and his crew got the pool up  and running in 3 days even though it was extremely hot outside.  Tom  explained how to maintain the pool and everything was cleaned up to our  satisfaction.

We are looking forward to enjoying our pool for the  labor day weekend.  It has rained about nonstop since the crew finished  so have only been able to get in the pool once so far. 

Thank you so much.



July 20, 2018

We just to thank Swim TexSun for our  beautiful 16x24 pool. Bob was our representative and he was great to  work with and very detailed in showing the materials and construction of  the pool. Larry was our installer and he is just awesome. Larry is very  knowledgeable in building the pool and he was very detailed in the  maintenance and care of the pool. Thank you to Patty for keeping us  updated and being available for any questions we had. The pool is great  and easy to care for. 

Thank you,
Brian and Becky

July 18, 2018


We LOVE our new pool !!!   

Our pool was installed in  March of 2018. The crew did an awesome job under some crazy cold rainy  weather conditions.  The install was a bit challenging but they made it  look effortless.  They took their time, came up with some brilliant  ideas, and in the end it turned out beautifully !!  

We went with a 16 x 24 with an end deck, which made for a fabulous set up.  It is even a breeze to maintain!   

Thank you Swim TexSun !

Robert and Shelley Williamson


July 1, 2018

We LOVE our new Kayak pool. It has met and exceeded our expectations, here’s why.

I  grew up knowing about Kayak pools and knew they had a great reputation  and a quality product. However, I wasn’t familiar with any of the  details. The construction of this pool is outstanding. The materials are  of quality aluminum and structurally the design of the pool is  phenomenal. When you walk around this pool on the deck, you feel  completely secure. There is no bowing or sagging or shifting. The  railing around the deck is quite secure as well. We have children and  they have used this pool without having to be careful of the sides,  etc…. You can push off the sides and they don’t give. The liner is heavy  and they way it is secured to the sides of the pool give a very clean  line. There aren’t gaps under the decking, everything fit together  snuggly. 

These pools are an investment, they do cost more than a  traditional pool. But you will not have to worry about your pool when  the weather is bad, we’ve had many storms and the pool does great.  We  have a long term warranty and the peace of mind of knowing this pool  will last us for many, many years to come.

Our particular pool  installation was a challenge. Our lot is cut into the side of a  substantial hill and we only had about 18 feet of depth to work with.  The pool with decking is 16 ft wide. They not only managed to put it in  without any problems or damage to our house or porch, which is right  next to the pool, but they also installed a retaining wall on one side  to make sure the land behind the pool stays in place, again peace of  mind for us. The crew who put it our pool were very down to earth,  addressed all our questions and concerns and really worked hard to make  our pool look fantastic and make sure it was done right.

We opted  for an end deck so we could have a seating area pool side. We love it  and use it daily. We did have the pump put next to, but not under the  deck. This was a tip I read from another owner to whom I say thank you.  You do have to clean out the pump filter and get to the equipment and I  would have hate to have had to duck under the deck all the time.

Finally,  I love being able to raise the ladder and know the pool is secure. We  lock it in place at night and whenever we aren’t going to be home. This  is a very secure design to have around children. 

We are extremely  satisfied with our pool and would highly recommend anyone considering a  pool to buy a Kayak pool. Everyone I have dealt with, our dealer Swim  TexSun Pools, the representative who came to our house, the finance  company who made the financing easy, the crew who installed our pool,  all of them give you the customer service that you don’t see much  anymore. The kind of service that makes you feel like the truly care  about your needs and want you to be happy with your pool.

To all involved, thank you so much. We are loving our pool and it has become a fun part of our daily lives. We feel very lucky.

Thank you again,

Stefanie Pantalone


June 27, 2018

We are very pleased with our pool, we are LOVING it.  It is a great hit with our grand babies too.

Bob was extremely helpful helping us decide on the best pool for us. He was friendly and enjoyable to visit with.

The Staff in the office were very pleasant and helpful.  They were excellent on helping  us to schedule for delivery.

Tom  and his installation crew were excellent, very professional, polite,  and very knowledgeable on the pool. They gave us pointers on how to  maintain it, which helped tremendously!!!

We definitely feel we made the right choice to go with Swim TexSun Pools for our pool.

Chris and Teresa


June 25, 2018

Me and my family are loving our new Kayak  pool. Bob made the decision to buy a no-brainer. With the safety swing  up ladder and fence railing all around this was the pool for us. We have  a toddler and this design is a lifesaver for her. 

Bob was a joy  to work with. No high pressure sale, which I appreciate. We got the  12x24 with deck on the end. I am retired and I know this pool will add  years to my life. 

Before Kayak I spent my time in front of a TV,  now it's like I'm on vacation everyday, coffee on the deck, swim  whenever I want. Cocktails in the evenings and just enjoying being  outside. Thank you Kayak pools.



June 24, 2018

We purchased our pool from Swim TexSun ,  May 2018. The whole process was a great experience. I sent an inquiry  about their pools and within a day I was contacted and a date was set  for Bob to come to our home and talk to us about what they had to offer.

Bob  was the best sales representative we have ever worked with. He let the  pool sell itself and guided us toward making the best decisions for what  we wanted and what we really needed. There was no pushy sales talk, no  trying to sell products not needed for our situation. He was awesome.

The  staff I contacted at the office with telephonic questions, were very  polite and helpful. They worked with our schedule. Paul and his  installation crew were professional, courteous, and very helpful as  well.

To Bob, Patty, Paul and all that we worked with and talked to, Thank you so very much. We love our pool and enjoy it immensely.

Don and Marilyn



April 10, 2018

I was very pleased with our experience with Swim TexSun pools.  

Our  salesman Bob Hood was very pleasant and informative regarding the  product, services, and the maintenance of the pool.  During the  presentation, he explained everything thoroughly.  He made  recommendations bases on his experiences, not on how much he could sell  me.  This in my opinion shows a lot of integrity in his character, and I  felt like I was talking to my neighbor.  I appreciated  his no  pressure sale approach.  He didn’t mind answering questions throughout  the presentation and after the sale Bob has always returned my calls  promptly and answered all my questions on point.  

The installer  Paul was very good at communicating on when they would be at the  construction site. When they arrived they work very diligently in  getting the pool set up.  Paul and Josh were both very well-mannered and  respectful of my property.  Paul was in constant communication with me  in each step of the construction.   When they finished, they cleaned up  and left my property neat and clean.

Paul set down with me and  went through the additional paper work, and answering any question,  again not hurrying me through the process.   

I was well pleased with whole experience of buying my pool.   I would highly recommend this company to anyone.

JOB WELL DONE to all the employees I dealt with Bob, Steve Patty, Paul and Josh.

Thank you,

Curtis Farthing


June 2017

Thank you so much! The pool is wonderful! We  have been in it everyday since we got it. Mr. Fry and the young man that  was with him were awesome. I feel truly blessed. 

I thought I would  never be able to own a pool like this. When I was a young child my  father took us to a demo pool for a Kayak pool and I begged him to get  one. Unfortunately he never did, however now I am proud to say that I am  an owner of a Kayak pool. 

The joy that my daughter gets from being in  her very own pool is truly heartwarming.💖💖💖

Thank you so much!!
The Johnson Family


June 29, 2017

Dear Swim TexSun Pools,

Our family  recently had a pool purchased from Swim TexSun installed in our rural  property. From the beginning process of the initial meeting with the  salesman to the acceptance of the installation, everything was handled  in a professional manner. The financing process was simple and painless.  

Our installers were courteous and helpful.  We were moving a  piano on the weekend that they where there and they actually stepped in  to help us haul that heavy thing up the stairs to the living room.  Couldn’t have done it with out their help.

The pool is everything  we had hoped for.  We have friends in Michigan who have had a Kayak pool  for some years now, we are hoping our pool lasts as long or longer than   theirs.

And we have thoroughly enjoyed our pool so far this swim  season.  We have had our family over to visit and they all mention how  wonderful the pool is. To say the least we would recommend Swim TexSun  Pools anyone.   

Thanks again Swim TexSun Pools!


May 6, 2017

We absolutely LOVE our new pool!

When  we moved into our new home in 2015, we thought about how nice it would  be to have a pool in our backyard.  We looked at houses with pools,  either the house was great or the pool was great, we didn't find a good  place where both the house and pool were great.

We started  researching above ground pools and came across the Swim TexSun website.   I inquired about the "demo home site", received a call back, a visit by  Bob and the rest is history.

The pool install was a bit  challenging due to the Texas ground in our backyard, however, Paul, Josh  and Randy met the challenge head on.  They did a great job and we've  been swimming since the end of March.

While a bit doubtful that  pool care could be so easy, we followed the instructions and we've had  no issues.  The water is crystal clear.  The pool filters, chlorinator,  pump and decks are all easy to maintain.

We've added a patio rug  (to avoid scratches from the chairs and loungers, and two umbrellas in  their own stands.  

Our pool area is inviting and beautiful.

All of  the staff that we have come in contact with; Sales, Finance,  Installation and Office have been a pleasure to work with and obviously  customer service oriented.  I would not hesitate to recommend Swim  TexSun to those looking to purchase a pool.

The last weekend in  April, we were at an event.  It was 91 degrees and humid.  My grandsons  said "Grandma, can we just go to your house and go swimming?"  The grand  kids are having a blast!

Thank you so much for making our dreams a reality.  We are truly enjoying our outdoor space!

Sincerely and Keeping Cool

Steve and Kathy Wilson
Pflugerville, TX


October 27, 2016

I had looked at the Kayak pool ads  several summers in my magazine and thought that sure would be neat to  have one of those.  We own and work on our dairy farm out in the country  and many long days my husband works outdoors and comes in exhausted!   The couch would be his place to be the rest of the evening.  

I  had saved some money back and finally asked someone to come talk to us  about what would fit us as we are empty nesters.  We do have a lot of  grand kids but half of them live across the country and we thought, us  as empty nesters may not get enough use from the investment of a pool.  

We  listened to the presentation and found out about the demonstrator  proposal which was in May, I decided that night we will just go for it.   I love to swim and have an old shoulder injury that could use a workout  and thought perhaps my husband could be cooled off in the evenings and  we would both enjoy it.  

I was not wrong, we have as well as when  the grand kids come, they play around the dairy, help do some of the  chores but then we all collaborated back around the pool and totally  enjoyed it.  The above ground pool with the swing up steps keeps the  little ones out, and the dogs from getting in the pool (we have labs  which love the water) and the maintenance on the pool has been  remarkably simple.  I also think the above ground does not get as much  grass and other stuff getting in the water like perhaps an in-ground  pool would.  

Thank you for such a great entertainment spot and simple pool to take care of.  

Stanley & Brenda Haedge



Swim Texsun Pool Team

We just wanted you to know we have thoroughly enjoyed the Kayak pool.

The grand kids and their parents made good use of it this summer.

Bob, our salesman, did a great job educating us on the features of the pool so
that we could pick and choose which ones were important to us. Bob has always
answered the phone when I call with questions.

Paul and Josh did a  great job on our install. It only took 3 days from start to finish.
They answered all our questions and gave great advice when we needed to make decisions.

They gave us a quick educated us on the pump features and pool chemicals. When
they finished the pool install they left the area neat and clean.

Thanks again,

Mike & Margaret
Buffalo, Texas



Swim TexSun Pools Inc

I just wanted to take  the time and let you know how much we are enjoying our new pool.  We  try to get in it every night (weather permitting).  If not to swim –  just to put our feet in it.  We love the crystal clear water and we just  can’t believe how easy it is to take care of.  

I have been  pleased with everyone I have come in contact with at your company.  I  scheduled with Sheila and Patty was there to help us with all the ins  and outs of financing and steps to take for delivery and installation.  

Bob,  our salesman was great.  He was so friendly and laid back.  He is a  regular person just like us.  No pressure what so ever.  This was one of  the things we were afraid of.  His presentation of the product was very  informative.  I believe that this pool is sturdy and well made.  We had  gotten a referral from another customer and he said it was built like a  tank.  I believe it now.

Paul delivered our pool and was very  helpful on placement and other things as well.  He was always in contact  with us about his time of arrival and the arrival of the installer.   Communication means a lot to me.  Josh was our installer.  He and his  helper worked until almost dark and were there the very next morning  bright and early.  They worked until the job was finished and he was  satisfied.

I must say a project that I thought was going to drag  out for weeks and be very stressful was not at all.  We love our pool  and plan to spend many years enjoying it.  

Thanks again for a job well done.

Angela & Tom
Sanger, TX

   Best above ground swimming pool in Texas!
Best above ground swimming pool in Texas!