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Virtually Maintenance Free Kayak Pools

The Kayak Pool's filtration system is so advanced, that it is virtually maintenance-free! With a dual drainage system, and a best-in-class skimmer, we can generate constant circulation which keeps the water clean and purified. This system is commonly found in expensive in-ground pool systems, but we are proud to have engineered this revolutionary process in our above ground pools!


Pool Walls

Not only are the walls weather resistant, they are also rust and rot proof! The Kayak Pool water walls are some of the strongest,  most long lasting pool walls around! Our advanced honeycomb design is mixed with an exclusive plastic engineered core which gives Kayak Pools an unparalleled level of sturdiness. Cannonball into your pool with confidence!


30 Year Warranty Liner

Our vinyl liners are winterized and have strong overlapping seams. There's no need to use reprocessed plastics with our long-lasting, beaded virgin-vinyl liners.  Furthermore, the liner is anti-bacterial and retards the growth of fungus, mildew & algae!   We make our liners to last. 

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Swim TexSun supports and thanks you for your service! Swim TexSun pools offers a $750 discount in addition to any current promotion! We will also extend this discount to teachers and public school employees. Please mention how you serve(d) during your visit with our representative! 

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