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FAQ's Above Ground Swimming Pools Texas > KAYAK POOLS > My water is cloudy in my swimming pool; what do I do?


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Cloudy Water or Clear Green Water (not slimy).


    A. Add Mineral Remover
    B. Add Water Clarifier (Sand Filters)

Slimy Green Water

    A. Shock Pool Using any of the Shocks
    B. Add Algaecide
    C. Adjust pH to 7.2-7.6 by adding pH Products
    D. Add Algaecide Regularly

Black Spots

    Black Algae
    A. Unfortunately, Black Algae is very tenacious and will require quite an effort to remove. For minor problems, try persistent brushing combined with a Black Algaecide. You will also need to clean the filter thoroughly. If the problem is more major, you may need to drain the pool and chlorine wash.

Brown/ Rust Colored Water (not slimy)

    A. Add Mineral Remover, Keep Filter Clean
    B. Add Water Clarifier (Sand Filters)

Cloudy/Milky Water

    pH or Alkalinity Problem
    A. Test and Balance with Recommended Products
    B. Adjust pH to 7.2-7.2 by Adding pH Products

    Low Sanitizer Level
    A. Test Water and Shock Pool

    Calcium Based Chlorine
    A. Discontinue Use and Start With Stabilized Chlorine

    Suspended Particles
    A. Clean Filter. Continue to Filter. Keep Water Balanced. If using a Sand Filter, a Clarifier Should be used.

Rapid Loss of Chlorine

    Insufficient Stabilizer (Cyanuric Acid)
    Large Bather Load
    A. Add Conditioner and Stabilizer
    B. Shock Pool and Check Chlorine Level.

Water Clouds When Chlorine is Added

    Calcium Hypochlorite Based Chlorine
    A. Switch to Stabilized Chlorine Slow Tabs or Quick Dissolving Tabs

pH Bounce (up and down pH)

    Unstable Total Alkalinity
    A. Add pH Stabilizer

White or Bleached Out Spots on the Liner

    Improper use of Chlorine
    A. Read Label and Follow Directions of Use.

Brown Spots or Splotches on the Liner

    Low Alkalinity
    A. Test and Add Alkalinity Increaser
    B. Add pH Stabilizer

Strong Chlorine Smell

    Chlorine Efficiency Depleted by Chloramines

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