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FAQ's Above Ground Swimming Pools Texas > KAYAK POOLS > How do I winterize my swimming pool's cartridge filter?


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WARNING Explosion hazard. Purging the system with compressed air can cause components to explode, with risk of severe injury or death to anyone nearby. Use only low pressure (below 5 PSI), high volume blower when air purging the pump, filter, or piping.

NOTICE: Protect the filter from freezing. Allowing the filter to freeze will damage it and will void the warranty.

1. Clean the filter according to the instructions before winterizing.
2. Stop the pump.
3. Open the air release valve; open all the system valves.
4. Remove the drain plugs from the trap, pump, and filter.
5. Drain the piping system.

    A. Gravity drain system as far as possible.
    B. Protect areas which retain water with non-toxic propylene glycol antifreeze, (RV antifreeze)

6. Loosen the union nuts (if used) to drain all water from the filter interior. Leave these nuts loose until the system is restarted

7. Disassemble the filter (follow manual instructions). Remove the filter module and store in a warm, dry area.

8. If the filter is equipped with an optional internal spring check valve (in the tank outlet), manually open the check valve to allow any water trapped in the tank to drain.

9.   Cover the filter with plastic or tarpaulin to prevent water entrance and freezing.


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